About RX Quarterhorses

Anne is a true horsewoman through and through. Growing up with her Shetland pony Monty in Haarsteeg Noord Brabant, The Netherlands. Anne was riding before she could walk, and horses were prevalent in every aspect of her life. As a youngster Anne was helping taking care of the horses and cleaning the stables, gathering the hay from the land and piling up the straw bales.


Anne of course went supported by her parent to the famous Dutch Riding School NHB Deurne where she graduated in Dressage and Reining. After her, four year, study and several training periods with i.e. Mireille van Soldt, Angelique Ferdinandus, Rieky Young, Cira Baeck and Lisa Coulter, Anne started to work as assistant trainer at Rieky Young’s place.

During her study and training periods there was always time for showing both Reining Horses as well as Dressage Horses. After a while Anne had to make a decision; to focus on Dressage or Reining. This was an easy one, she chose for Reining.

RX Horses provided a steady supply of Reining horses who she saddle broke, trained and rode all by her self. She showed them in several competitions throughout Europe and was often very successful.

After some time working as an assistant trainer for Rieky, which she did with great pleasure, she got the opportunity to start on her own as a trainer at Henri Wijdeven’s facility. And though she was happy at Rieky’s place, she couldn’t let go by this, once in a lifetime opportunity.

After being a professional for two and a half years and an independent trainer for one and a half years, the number of customers is still growing. She trains the horses of her customers, shows them in competition and buys or sells horses for them. She accompanies customers who want to show their horses in competition and gives clinics on a regular basis for both apprentice, and advanced riders. She also is a strong promoter of the Reining sport and is always willing to do demonstrations to help the sport grow.


RX Quarterhorses plattegrond

RX Quarterhorses has:
  • 27 stables
  • 4 grooming stands
  • 1 solarium
  • washing facilities
  • indoor arena (105 x 217 ft)
  • 5 Paddocks with grass
  • one big pasture